The project documents listed here are representative of the types of documents that Fairview has produced for its clients. These range from technical reports on specific implementation issues to strategic plans and concept documents. This is not a complete list of project reports, just a representative sampling.

Strategic Planning and Investment Analysis

Mississippi Geospatial Strategic Plan - The 2010 Mississippi Geospatial Strategic Plan and the associated reports and business plans are sponsored and funded by the Mississippi Coordinating Council for Remote Sensing and GIS (Council) and is an update to Mississippi’s 2003 GIS Strategic Plan. All of the documents reflect the findings from a series of interviews and meetings that were conducted between January and November of 2010. Over one hundred people from state, regional, local governments and the private sector were included in the interview process. These reports adhere to the National States Geographic Information Council’s (NSGIC) recommended format for state level GIS Strategic Plans and GIS Business Plans, which has become a de facto standard for the nation.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection - Orthoimagery Feasibility Analysis – This 2004 report contains a return on investment analysis for large scale orthoimagery. The pattern of information collection for investment and analysis has applicability for many ROI analysis projects. This report was completed by David Stage.

Implementation Planning and Cadastral Projects

North Carolina Integrated Cadastral Exchange - The EPA funded a grant for North Carolina to demonstrate the value of providing cadastral data in a standardized form to serve decisions and business needs related to environmental management. Fairview Industries was a subcontractor on this project providing support for the cadastral standard, translating locally developed data into the standard, workflow for ongoing maintenance, and education and documentation on the use of the transformer. The project final report describes the results of the project as well as some of the lessons learned.

FGDC CAP Grant for the implementation of the NSDI Cadastral Standards Project was recently completed. This project was for members of the Appalachian Ohio Geospatial Data Partnership to incorporate and promote FGDC standards from the very beginning of formal cadastral GIS development.  The partnership utilized Esri’s Local Government Information Model with common domains and definitions that streamline the cadastral maintenance process through automation and assist end users in their understanding and utilization of county land records.  AOGDP worked closely with Dr. Nancy von Meyer to educate Partners on the standard, develop the approach for cadastral development using the standard, and implement the standard in three townships in three adjacent counties in southeastern Ohio.

Underserved Communities Strategies for Assistance - In any organization, federal, tribal, state, or local, there are communities or groups that are under utilizing geospatial technologies. This report looks at some strategies for increasing utilization of geospatial technologies by these underserved organizations. The strategies in this document may be applicable to other organizations.

Mississippi Orthoimagery Implementation Plan - As part of the Mississippi Strategic Plan development it was determined that there is a need for a state orthoimagery program that collects imagery on a regular cycle with advanced notice that allows for the coordination, leveraging and pooling of existing resources from state and local governments. Three options were developed to provide a progression of activities for accomplishing those ends.

Business Analysis, Feasibility and Data Requirements

Cadastral Data and the Energy Industry - This report looks at the applications and needs for parcel level data and PLSS data by the energy industry.

GIS Education and Training

Land Records Training Report - This is the documentation on the parcel editing and data model training that was done for Mississippi’s coastal counties as part of the Gulf Coast Property Ownership Project in 2009. This document was prepared by MGI, LLC to fulfill the requirements of the Gulf Regional Ownership Mapping Project.

Standardized PLSS Data Set (CADNSDI) Users Reference Materials - This document was developed as part of the PLSS Standardization activities with the Bureau of Land Management. This document provides supporting documentation for the Cadastral National Spatial Data Infrastructure (CADNSDI) standardized data sets.