Related Web Resources

There are many resources and related sites for parcel information and ongoing parcel and cadastral projects.  Some other sites to consider are

Bureau of Land Management Cadastral Survey - This site is the home page for BLM Cadastral Survey which is the lead agency for the cadastral data coordination as described in OMB Circular A-16.

ESRI Land Parcels - This site is the Esri resource center. The parcel information is included in the local government area.

Census Partnership Shape Files - Often Cadastral data define the boundaries of municipalities and counties. These files are helpful in illustrating what information Census has on file for any jurisdiction. These are also the A16 recognized official boundaries and should match locally sourced boundaries.

International Cadastral Systems Overviews - The "Cadastral Template" has been developed by a research group at the Department of Geomatics of the University of Melbourne. It consisted of Prof. Ian Williamson, Dr. Abbas Rajabifard, and Daniel Steudler, supported by Prof. Stig Enemark from Aalborg University, Denmark. This site provides a quick overview of the cadastral systems in many countries.

Parcels and Cadastral Blog - This blog site is a discussion site for national parcel and cadastral data to support the Cadastral NSDI. The FGDC Cadastral Subcommittee coordinates the activities and standards for the Cadastral NSDI. The implementation depends on parcel data producers and access through trusted data publishers such as states.