The following are some basic reference documents related to land records systems.

The Need for a Multipurpose Cadastre - (pdf) - This is the text of the 1980 National Academy of Sciences Report that is considered to be one of the earliest works defining the needs and uses for land records systems.

Property Descriptions - (pdf) This is a summary of the types of legal descriptions used for real property in the United States. This material was developed to support the FGDC cadastral Data Content Standard and then further revised for the ESRI GIS and Land Records book.

How to Read BLM Master Title Plats – (pdf) The BLM Master Title Plat displays the current federally managed rights and interests in land. This document is a summery of how to read the information on the MTP. This document was developed by the Bureau of Land Management Oregon State Office

Glossary of Parcel and Surveying Terms – (pdf) This is a glossary for some of the legal terms encountered in legal descriptions as well as some of the basic terms encountered in land surveying and parcel mapping. This glossary was developed by Fairview Industries and is provided as a freely available reference.

GIS and Land Records - The Parcel Data Model - This is a book written by Nancy von Meyer for the Esri Press and is out of print. Please contact us if you are interested in the content or information related to this text.